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Purpose | Mindset | Leadership

Achieve Peak Performance

My principle


For decades processes and structures were in the focal point to create more output but the next step of productivity gain is in the people area. That is why today’s work environment is more and more characterized by a people centric culture.

I support you and your company with a purpose rooted company culture. Together we create measures, that consider individual needs and a common ground for motivation and peak performance.

Based on my background of 20 years in corporate business, it is a deep motivation to demonstrate the benefits of a people centric and purpose driven culture.

Transformations or even smaller changes, require the active participation of leaders and staff. The usual concept of workshops and trainings is not sufficient.

Truly engaging targets that are in line with our personal values and purpose create a deep connection between business and people, the key for performance and loyalty and a true win-win. 

A motivated workforce is more than ever the key when it comes to create a competitive advantage. A purpose driven culture supports intrinsic motivation and responsibility as you connect to a higher purpose than simple sales targets.

Your path to Peak Performance

Let's create purpose
driven work together!

Did you know?

When you focus on purpose


A clear purpose empowers each leader and professional in your company to act on its behalf. Less control, more freedom and trust will develop.


Motivation does not come from salary, benefits and target achievements. Purpose enables an emotional bonding to the company.


The next level of productivity is the human factor. Purpose is paramount for a holistic corporate wellbeing that fuels overall productivity.

Employer attractiveness

A clear purpose and values that connect are key aspects for todays generations to search, commit and stay in their jobs.

The 3 Levels of

A peak performance organization

Individual Level

Awareness about one's own vision, values and purpose is the prerequisite towards a deeper connection with work. Combining mental fitness with a context where personal strengths are prioritized turns an employee into a fan.

Leadership Level

Purpose becomes alive when used as a leadership style. Transforming leaders into coaches and moderators and connecting corporate values and purpose to team and individual level via leadership principles is the key for a trustful environment and years of motivation.

Company Level

A company purpose and mission that connects to something bigger than ourselves, motivates and attracts talents not based on single events or outcomes but with a long lasting perspective. Go beyond sales targets and let your purpose be the reason your employees like you.

"Before you expect meaningful change,
you need a meaningful reason."
I combine multiple aspects of coaching and motivation in my approach with companies. Team events, speaker or outdoor activities.
Peter Schlatt
Coach, Trainer, Purpose ambassador

life is a balance

Sneak peak of my business life

Peak Performance for you

how can we work together


Individual challenges need individual solutions. Impactful 1:1 sessions to gain clarity, overcome mental blockages, develop essential leadership skills and enhance your work-life balance!

Mindset Mastery

Bring your individual or group related mindset to the next level and unlock productivity, problem solving skills, empathy and peak performance. This multi-week program blends coaching with a state-of-the-art mental fitness program and boosts emotional intelligence .

Purpose Culture

Let's put purpose to work and leave classical sales target mentality behind. Develop a company or department culture based on the impact you want to have with self-empowered leaders and teams. Reach a long-lasting motivated and resilient cultural environment.

Team Events & Speaker

I design impactful team events with a potential combination of coaching, yoga, sound healing, group-wide bonding, outdoor actiities and fun.
Approach me and together we create the format and content that maximizes your output.

Why I do, what I do

My corporate

I want to challenge the status quo of companies to an extend that they put their people first. This human factor supports growth, motivation and retention and inspires others to follow. 

I want to achieve my WHY via a mindset shift on both the corporate and personal level. Where inspiring corporate visions, a trustful culture and motivated people meet, everything is possible. 

Motivation and confidence come from self knowledge which applies again to both the company and the personal level. A mental fitness coaching enables each individual to express their strengths and purpose and create a growth mindset. Trainings and workshops deliver a crystal clear company purpose which inspires beyond sales targets or customer feedbacks.

Your turn

You Do the first step and
together we do the rest!