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Peter Schlatt Coaching
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Hi, I'm Peter

Although these pages are made for you, I am happy to share some insight about myself.

On a mission to empower you in your midlife and change the way we do business.

On a mission to empower midlifers and companies

Why I want you to succeed in midlife!

Having built my career in the automotive industry for almost 2 decades, I served as a strategist, leader, and global citizen, living and working in Europe, the USA, and China.

My quest for a deeper connection with myself led me to leave my role at multinational Mercedes-Benz. Following a profound personal transformation incl. a divorce, the quest of finding a new home country, and a 5-month, 7,000km bicycle trip across Europe, I founded my coaching company.

Many people talk about change – I experienced it firsthand. 

Today, I specialize in transforming the midlife of experienced business professionals into their most fulfilling chapter yet and companies towards a purpose-driven culture.

I believe that maximizing personal and professional impact is crucial for a fulfilled and meaningful life.

My approach involves balancing ambitions and personal priorities, fostering an impactful purpose, and cultivating a growth mindset. My goal is to help individuals and companies create the best version of themselves, so they can maximize their positive and human-centric impact on the world.

At Peter Schlatt Coaching, corporate professionals find guidance in their personal and professional change.

What Drives me

My compass

I believe in the transformative power of purpose, connecting individuals to their unique strengths for a meaningful, collective impact.


I am challenging the status quo of you and your current work and life so you can live to your fullest potential. Being a lighthouse of inspiration for others, I create successful, determined and strong minded personalities that ultimately improve the world around us. 


The way you become an inspiration is to connect your personality, your unique features, strengths, and interests with what the people around you need most. In short: define your deepest purpose and deliver it powerfully to the world! Let’s welcome impact together.


To find and live in that sweet spot of your own purpose means to know who you are, to overcome mental barriers and be intentional about your actions.
That’s what I deliver in my Coaching, Trainings and Workshops.

How we Can

work together

For YOu

Powerful 1:1 coachings turns your midlife into purposeful joy.
Take advantage of new perspectives, create a winning mindset and get intentional when it comes to designing your private or professional midlife.
Your midlife is your potential.

For Your Business

Go beyond sales targets and take your company culture to the next level!
Reach sustained Peak Performance with purpose-driven leadership combined with a positive and strong mindset.
Via coaching, workshops, team events or impulse presentations.

Your next step!

Tell me your midlife story

midlife is a balance

Sneak peak of my life

My own life is my best teacher.

In the depths of my heart, I’ve always been a people person, cherishing every connection. I’ve witnessed diverse work environments, engaged in international projects, and collaborated with people from all continents. My journey has taken me to distant lands, where I’ve lived abroad for many years, broadening my horizons and enriching my perspective.

Yet, despite the excitement and adventure, I found myself in a demotivated situation. The rigors of an unhealthy lifestyle, the relentless grasp of inflexible office culture, and the depletion of my energy left me without drive and purpose. It was a turning point when I realized that something had to change.

So, I embarked on a transformational journey, embracing Yoga, daily meditation, and developing healthy routines. My diet also underwent a profound shift.

The transformation was not merely physical but had a profound impact on my mental well-being. 

Fueled by this newfound clarity, I made the decision to leave my corporate job behind. I sought a coaching qualification and granted myself a 12-month time-out – a period of self-discovery and growth, in which I cycled 5 months through Europe collecting donations for Mexican children with cancer. I realized how my mind had been holding me back and that I am only one decision away from what I really want in my life. 

Today, in my new role, I’m committed to accompanying individuals and companies on their transformational journeys. 

My deepest motivation lies in helping people in their midlife move forward, guided by their strengths and purpose. I have experienced firsthand the extraordinary power of personal freedom and meaning, and it is this realization that fuels my passion to empower others.

Together, let’s unlock the potential within you, so you can discover the profound impact of a shift towards a life of fulfillment, meaning, and joy.

With warmth and dedication,