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Guiding corporate professionals through personal and professional change and companies towards a human-centric culture.

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Client Testimonials


Manager Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart
Peter quickly grasped the situation as well as challenges and provided very valuable and meaningful impulses in already just one session.
It is a pleasure and personal enrichment to work with him.
He is great at creating a trustful atmosphere from the start in order to then work in depth on the defined topics - always considering what is really behind the issue and giving a different but comprehensive perspective.
I'll gladly work with him any time again!


Reutlingen, Germany
Peter is doing a really great job!
He is wonderful in clarifying your own inner confusion and in making clear decisions that are connected with your heart and your mind!
I am grateful for his clarity, his fresh, pragmatic manner and his deep sense of what really matters.


Klein-Winternheim, Germany
Peter is a great life coach. With his sovereignty and empathetic nature, he immediately creates the space in which you immediately feel comfortable and understood. His professionalism coupled with his great ability to ask the right questions at exactly the right moment made it possible for me to take valuable insights out of the coaching sessions, which have made a significant difference in my life till today.
Thanks for that Peter!


Fredericia, Denmark
If you are looking for a coach that can help you unlock your full potential to live a purposeful life, I highly recommend Peter.  He has helped me to approach challenges and obstacles in new ways with my purpose as compass. Peter’s guidance is informal, structured and positive - he will challenge you to move forward, by looking backward. He is very understanding, a good listener and great to take abstract thoughts to a level of meaning and understanding. I felt safe, and really enjoyed the process. I now understand my purpose, and I continue to explore new life possibilities with my newly discovered potentials that lay in my life purpose.   

Hello, I'm Peter

your companion in times of change

With two decades of leadership, strategy, and global experience in the corporate world, I bring a wealth of professional and personal knowledge to offer a modern and transformative coaching experience.

In my role as a coach, trainer, and presenter, my passion is connecting with individuals, motivating, and inspiring them to turn their change into their biggest potential.

Together, let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth so you can make a meaningful difference in your life and beyond.