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Ever asked yourself
“Can this be all there is?”

Turn in 3 steps the feeling of being stuck, unfulfilled and unbalanced into clarity, action and inner peace. 

Discover now for 0 € your MIDLIFE MASTERY GUIDE incl. your Personal Midlife Scorecard, Workbook and a Mindset Booster Bonus on top. 

The Midlife Mastery Guide is perfect for you, if you...

Lack Fulfillment

Do you feel like you have had success in your life but it is not fulfilling?

feel stuck

Are you unsure about your next steps and have contradicting voices in your head?

have Fear

Does fear hold you back from what you really want to do?

are overwhelmed

You are unbalanced by all the personal and professional responsibilities in your life.

long for impact

You have the desire to change and to create a more fulfilled life!

are Stressed

You are under pressure, nothing gives you energy and you are constantly nervous.

What others say

Client Testimonials

Thank you, Peter. Through your program, I was able to make a leap forward. You gave me something very valuable. Not miracles, but something that has the power to disarm my saboteurs.
The knowledge of how to find happiness in life.
Mercedes-Benz, USA
Find your purpose with Peter Schlatt and get to your full potential. Pragmatic coaching with good listening and understanding brings the best impact.
If you are looking for a coach that can help you unlock your full potential to live a purposeful life, I highly recommend Peter.  He has helped me to approach challenges and obstacles in new ways with my purpose as compass. Peter’s guidance is informal, structured and positive - he will challenge you to move forward, by looking backward. He is very understanding, a good listener and great to take abstract thoughts to a level of meaning and understanding. I felt safe, and really enjoyed the process. I now understand my purpose, and I continue to explore new life possibilities with my newly discovered potentials that lay in my life purpose.   
Fredericia, Denmark
A coaching providing easy to understand advice
Peter is doing a really great job!
He is wonderful in clarifying your own inner confusion and in making clear decisions that are connected with your heart and your mind!
I am grateful for his clarity, his fresh, pragmatic manner and his deep sense of what really matters.
Reutlingen, Germany

Peter Schlatt

About the publisher

With nearly two decades in the corporate world, I’ve served as a strategist and leader, living and working across Europe, the USA, and China.

I faced my midlife with a deep personal and professional transformation including a divorce, the challenge to find a new home base country and leaving multinational Mercedes-Benz. During my transition I did a 5-month, 7,000km bicycle trip across Europe, and founded my coaching company.

Many people talk about change – I experienced it firsthand. 

Today, I specialize in transforming the midlife of experienced business professionals into their most fulfilling chapter yet and this MIDLIFE MASTERY GUIDE will serve that purpose.


At Peter Schlatt Coaching, corporate professionals find guidance in their personal and professional change.

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